‘Rings’ concert to tour

A live concert performance of the score of 2001 film “The Fellowship of the Ring” will go out on a nine-stop tour in October, with the music played in tandem with an HD screening of the pic. “The Lord of the Rings in Concert: The …

Bloomberg Business: ‘Lord of the Ring’ Music Wizard to Work Magic at Radio City

Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) — When Elijah Wood’s face fills the 60- foot Radio City Music Hall screen in “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” you’ll be able to enjoy his pretty pores, dimples and hair follicles in all their award-winning glory. You’ll be able to savor an even more remarkable phenomenon too. Three hundred live musicians will be blowing, plucking and singing underneath him.

New York Times: ‘In Concert: Symphonic Sounds From the Hobbits’ World’

The music of Middle-earth — or rather, the blockbuster Hollywood version conceived by the composer Howard Shore — soared through misty climes and clanked and rumbled through Hadean depths at Radio City Music Hall on Friday evening. For three and a half hours (with intermission) more than 300 musicians performed the complete original score for “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” while the film was shown in its entirety above the stage.